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Nissan’s old Leaf batteries can power this smart pop-up camper for one week by Kirsten Korosec
Netflix cancels “Friends From College” after two seasons by Catherine Shu
India’s state gas company leaks millions of Aadhaar numbers by Zack Whittaker
What an American artificial intelligence initiative really needs by Jonathan Shieber
Oculus co-founder shipping free Rift repair kits to users with VR headset audio issue by Lucas Matney
TCL leaks foretell a weird future for foldable phones by Brian Heater
HiHello raises $2.5 million to finally fix contact management by Sarah Perez
Instagram’s fundraiser stickers could lure credit card numbers by Josh Constine
Google Assistant Actions up 2.5x in 2018 to reach 4,253 in the U.S. by Sarah Perez
SoftBank and Mubadala grow closer by Connie Loizos
VPN protocol WireGuard now has an official macOS app by Romain Dillet
YouTube under fire for recommending videos of kids with inappropriate comments by Natasha Lomas
Apple could be looking for its next big revenue model by Ron Miller
Daily Crunch: Stop repeating this privacy lie by Anthony Ha
Netflix cancels ‘Jessica Jones’ and ‘The Punisher,’ its last Marvel shows by Anthony Ha
Amazon aims to make half of its shipments carbon neutral by 2030 by Sarah Perez
Apple could release a 16-inch MacBook Pro and a a 31-inch 6K display by Romain Dillet
Original Content podcast: ‘The Breaker Upperers’ filmmakers know that breaking up is the worst by Anthony Ha
Apple partners with Oakland nonprofit Dream Corps on Swift coding initiative by Sarah Perez
Study says U.S. Twitch streamers raked in roughly $87 million in 2017 by Jordan Crook
Australia’s government and political parties hit by cyber attack from ‘sophisticated state actor’ by Jon Russell
Alan raises another $45 million for its health insurance product by Romain Dillet
Razer is closing its game store after less than a year by Jon Russell
China tells teachers to quit assigning homework through WeChat by Rita Liao
GoCardless raises $75M Series E for its recurring payments network and heads to America by Steve O'Hear
Etsy error resulted in large amounts being withdrawn from some sellers’ bank accounts and credit cards by Catherine Shu
Stop saying, “We take your privacy and security seriously” by Zack Whittaker
UK parliament calls for antitrust, data abuse probe of Facebook by Natasha Lomas
What business leaders can learn from Jeff Bezos’ leaked texts by Jonathan Shieber
SeaBubbles shows off its ‘flying’ all-electric boat in Miami by Sarah Perez
OpenAI built a text generator so good, it’s considered too dangerous to release by Zack Whittaker
VCs aren’t falling in love with dating startups by Joanna Glasner
Please stop marking yourself safe on Facebook by Jon Evans
ClassPass, Gfycat, StreetEasy hit in latest round of mass site hacks by Zack Whittaker
Vision system for autonomous vehicles watches not just where pedestrians walk, but how by Devin Coldewey
How to read fiction to build a startup by Danny Crichton
Investor momentum builds for construction tech by Alex Wilhelm
Visa and Mastercard could raise interchange fees by Romain Dillet
Uber sues NYC to contest cap on drivers by Romain Dillet
Transportation Weekly: Didi woes, how Nuro met Softbank, Amazon’s appetite by Kirsten Korosec

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