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Tesla veterans’ Industrial Next picks up $12M to automate EV production at 04:14 by Rita Liao
Rocket Lab launches NASA’s CAPSTONE satellite on its scouting mission for a lunar space station at 03:38 by Darrell Etherington
Egyptian healthtech startup Vezeeta cuts 10% of 500-person staff at 02:53 by Tage Kene-Okafor
Google launches Advanced API Security to protect APIs from growing threats at 02:00 by Kyle Wiggers
Speechmatics raises $62M for its inclusive approach to speech-to-text AI at 00:02 by Ingrid Lunden
India delays strict new VPN rules by 3 months at 23:29 by Manish Singh
Watch Rocket Lab launch NASA’s CAPSTONE mission to the moon live at 23:00 by Aria Alamalhodaei
Google Cloud’s new sustainability platform aims to bring enterprise climate goals down to earth at 22:00 by Ron Miller
Waymo, UPS, others pressure Gov. Newsom to allow autonomous trucking in California at 17:50 by Rebecca Bellan
Degreed’s co-founder is back at the company he left…with the startup he built at 16:51 by Natasha Mascarenhas
These four iconic European founders plan to kick the asses of VCs who never started a company at 16:01 by Mike Butcher
Daily Crunch: Truth Social says federal grand jury probe could block its planned SPAC merger at 15:05 by Christine Hall
Max Q: Acronyms rule everything around me at 15:00 by Aria Alamalhodaei
Robinhood almost imploded during the Gamestop meme stock chaos at 13:50 by Taylor Hatmaker
At NASA’s Lunabotics competition, students design mining robots for the moon at 13:48 by Stefanie Waldek
Google backs Progcap, a startup delivering working capital to small retailers in India at 13:43 by Manish Singh
Rivian is turning on the first EV fast chargers in its adventure network at 13:33 by Kirsten Korosec
FTX says no active talks to buy Robinhood at 13:22 by Jacquelyn Melinek
Tesla will go back to court for racial discrimination lawsuit at 13:12 by Rebecca Bellan
Meta introduces Instagram Reels APIs for developers at 13:01 by Aisha Malik
This crypto winter may be long, but builders remain bullish at 12:51 by Jacquelyn Melinek
Period tracker Stardust surges following Roe reversal, but its privacy claims aren’t airtight at 12:36 by Sarah Perez
Consumers swap period tracking apps in search of increased privacy following Roe v. Wade ruling at 12:36 by Sarah Perez
How Cadillac plans to use its $300,000 Celestiq EV to rebuild the brand at 11:42 by Jaclyn Trop
Perceptron: Analyzing images in the blink of an eye and tracking the lifecycle of snow at 11:32 by Kyle Wiggers
Fourth of July flash sale: Two-for-one passes to TechCrunch Disrupt at 10:45 by Lauren Simonds
Right-size your tech stack to withstand the downturn at 10:30 by Ram Iyer
Fintech Amount, which was valued at $1B last year, lays off 18% of staff at 10:27 by Mary Ann Azevedo
Google starts prompting remaining Hangouts users to move to Chat at 10:23 by Aisha Malik
The VC who helped incubate Discord has quietly spun up an autonomous contact center startup at 09:58 by Connie Loizos
Proptech still has fundamental problems for entrepreneurs to solve at 09:30 by Ram Iyer
What’s a fintech even worth these days? at 08:27 by Alex Wilhelm
After several bruising months, industry analysts see Zendesk sale as pressure release at 07:28 by Ron Miller
Rocket Lab’s CAPSTONE mission to the moon is key to establishing a lunar space station at 07:25 by Aria Alamalhodaei
Leverage, red flags, and a changing venture landscape at 07:00 by Alex Wilhelm
AI Squared raises $6M to help companies integrate AI into existing applications at 06:57 by Dominic-Madori Davis
California judge upholds a case against Pinterest over a marketer’s contribution to initial concepts at 06:25 by Ivan Mehta
New York-based grand jury issues subpoenas to Truth Social SPAC board members at 05:42 by Ivan Mehta
Volkswagen unveils ID.AERO concept that will provide the basis for 2023 flagship EV at 05:27 by Jaclyn Trop
Battery giant Anker backs programmable robot maker Keyi at 05:17 by Rita Liao

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