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A judge dismissed Phhhoto’s antitrust suit against Meta at 13:41 by Taylor Hatmaker
Celebrities don’t want to pay Elon for a blue check at 13:16 by Amanda Silberling
Twitter reveals some of its source code, including its recommendation algorithm at 11:45 by Kyle Wiggers
Stability AI CEO has the ambition to IPO in next few years at 11:37 by Natasha Mascarenhas
Netflix restructures its film units, aiming to make fewer (but better) original movies at 11:20 by Aisha Malik
What’s going on with the TikTok ban? at 11:00 by Taylor Hatmaker
Hulu debuts a new interface with a vertical sidebar on Fire TV, Apple TV, and Roku at 10:45 by Ivan Mehta
TechCrunch+ roundup: 3 key hiring metrics, building SDR teams, insurtech investor survey at 10:01 by Walter Thompson
The lowdown for European startups looking to raise money in 2023 at 10:00 by Anna Heim
Artie sidesteps the app stores by putting high-quality games in your browser at 09:00 by Haje Jan Kamps
Investors unfazed by Q1 crypto funding decline at 09:00 by Jacquelyn Melinek
Review: Xbloom makes perfect pour-over so you don’t have to at 08:55 by Haje Jan Kamps
France moves forward with influencer bill cracking down on risky products and more at 08:42 by Romain Dillet
Groupon, which has lost 99.4% of its value since its IPO, names a new CEO… based in Czech Republic at 08:17 by Ingrid Lunden
US investors slash Byju’s and Swiggy valuation at 07:25 by Manish Singh
Burn, community, burn at 07:00 by Natasha Mascarenhas
24 hours left to save $200 on TC Early Stage tickets at 05:20 by Alexandra Ames
Italy orders ChatGPT blocked citing data protection concerns at 04:51 by Natasha Lomas
3 recruiting metrics that can help startups make more data-driven hiring decisions at 04:30 by Jenna Routenberg
Read’s AI-powered summary feature squeezes a meeting into a two-minute clip at 02:14 by Ivan Mehta
Ambani bats for cricket glory as Disney scales back in India at 01:07 by Manish Singh
Helbiz stock tumbles on reverse split, rebrand to at 18:12 by Rebecca Bellan
EV company Canoo agrees to $1.5M settlement with SEC at 15:57 by Rebecca Bellan
Daily Crunch: Ledger locks down another $108M to double down on hardware crypto wallets at 15:05 by Christine Hall
Virgin Orbit burns up in uncontrolled descent at 15:00 by Aria Alamalhodaei’s new president is bullish on US expansion, says she ‘welcomes’ comparisons to Stripe at 14:18 by Mary Ann Azevedo
Pokémon GO will raise the price of remote raid passes at 14:03 by Amanda Silberling
Discover the Disrupt 2023 Fintech Stage at 13:30 by Mary Ann Azevedo
Audible is testing ad-supported access to select titles for non-members at 13:29 by Aisha Malik
Crypto market cap unaffected on the week amid more US lawsuits at 12:00 by Jacquelyn Melinek
I played the anime dating sim that does your taxes for you at 11:58 by Amanda Silberling
Netflix’s ad-supported plan comes to Apple TV after months of delay at 11:55 by Lauren Forristal
Yeah, of course, YC’s winter class is oozing with AI companies at 11:30 by Rebecca Szkutak
Asking the right dumb questions at 11:30 by Brian Heater
Smoakland is testing a loophole to sell cannabis by credit card at 11:13 by Haje Jan Kamps
Pitch Deck Teardown: Northspyre’s $25 million Series B deck at 11:00 by Haje Jan Kamps
Waymo retires its self-driving Chrysler Pacifica minivan at 10:51 by Kirsten Korosec
Reliance-backed Dunzo nears fresh funding of $50 million at 10:50 by Manish Singh
YouTube’s new metric shows an artist’s reach across all formats, including Shorts at 10:43 by Aisha Malik
Twitter alternative T2 launches new verification program, hires Discord engineering head as CTO at 10:07 by Sarah Perez

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