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Stellantis CEO dishes on Waymo, Rivian cuts staff and the great EV softening continues at 15:42 by Kirsten Korosec
These desktop lamps beam near-infrared light, in a bid to improve your mood at 11:22 by Brian Heater
Heck, might as well put the back of your phone to work at 09:47 by Brian Heater
Europe remains hard to crack for North American GPs at 07:00 by Rebecca Szkutak
Amba Kak creates policy recommendations to address AI concerns at 06:00 by Dominic-Madori Davis
Google releases new open LLMs, Rivian lays off staff and Signal rolls out usernames at 13:15 by Kyle Wiggers
With liquidity rare, VCs may get creative to return investor cash at 10:05 by Anna Heim
Equity Shot: All about the Reddit IPO! at 10:05 by Alex Wilhelm
Stellantis CEO says there’s still life in Waymo deal for self-driving delivery vans at 08:00 by Kirsten Korosec
This Week in AI: Addressing racism in AI image generators at 06:45 by Kyle Wiggers
Miranda Bogen is creating solutions to help govern AI at 06:00 by Dominic-Madori Davis
Byju’s founder, ousted by shareholders, says rumors of his firing ‘greatly exaggerated’ at 05:39 by Manish Singh
Quick thinking and a stroke of luck averted a moon lander disaster for Intuitive Machines at 16:32 by Aria Alamalhodaei
As Techstars retools, some former staffers say it lost focus on what made it successful at 14:52 by Alex Wilhelm
Techstars CEO defends changes, says physical presence in a city is not necessary for investment at 14:23 by Mary Ann Azevedo
Search startups DuckDuckGo and Neeva had a tough time competing with Google, court filing shows at 14:02 by Sarah Perez
‘Embarrassing and wrong’: Google admits it lost control of image-generating AI at 13:01 by Devin Coldewey
Virtual Staging AI helps realtors digitally furnish rooms within seconds at 12:24 by Aisha Malik
A bumpy road for EV manufacturers at 12:05 by Haje Jan Kamps
Treating a chatbot nicely might boost its performance — here’s why at 11:39 by Kyle Wiggers
Humane pushes Ai Pin ship date to mid-April at 11:20 by Brian Heater
Arc browser’s new AI-powered ‘pinch-to-summarize’ feature is clever, but often miss the mark at 10:57 by Ivan Mehta
Reddit downplays risks of developer backlash, decentralized social media in its IPO filing at 10:31 by Sarah Perez
Reddit cites r/WallStreetBets as a risk factor in its IPO filing at 09:42 by Amanda Silberling
Mutale Nkonde’s nonprofit is working to make AI less biased at 09:00 by Dominic-Madori Davis
Last call — Disrupt 2-for-1 sale ends today at 09:00 by Robert Frawley
Spyware leak offers ‘first-of-its-kind’ look inside Chinese government hacking efforts at 08:05 by Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
Google is sunsetting the Google Pay app in the US later this year at 07:55 by Aisha Malik
Match Group’s deal with OpenAI is just business with AI glitter on top at 07:05 by Kirsten Korosec
Winning wireless with American strengths at 06:00 by Matt Rosoff
Two years since Russia’s invasion, Ukraine’s startups soldier on at 05:28 by Mike Butcher
Byju’s founder removed by investors in EGM vote at 05:00 by Manish Singh
Hackers are exploiting ConnectWise flaws to deploy LockBit ransomware, security experts warn at 00:55 by Carly Page
Apple’s India iPhone business outpaces individual EU countries, Morgan Stanley says at 00:02 by Manish Singh
Armenia’s 10web brings AI website-building to WordPress at 22:43 by Rita Liao
Threads starts testing in-app camera shortcut and drafts at 22:03 by Ivan Mehta
UnitedHealth says Change Healthcare hacked by nation state, as pharmacy outages drag on at 17:20 by Zack Whittaker
Tumblr CEO publicly spars with trans user over account ban, revealing private account names in the process at 16:31 by Amanda Silberling
Crypto users in Nigeria briefly lose access to Binance, Kraken and Coinbase at 16:19 by Tage Kene-Okafor
Intuitive Machines makes history by landing the first commercial spacecraft on the moon at 15:56 by Aria Alamalhodaei

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