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This Week in Apps: Instagram’s founders’ new app, another Twitter rival, Biden admin criticizes app stores at 11:00 by Sarah Perez
Dear founders, returning to the office is a numbers game at 11:00 by Natasha Mascarenhas
Netflix crackdown, monetizing ChatGPT and bypassing FB’s 2FA at 10:56 by Henry Pickavet
Does usage-based pricing call for a new growth infrastructure stack? at 10:00 by Anna Heim
Data hints at the value of startup offices at 05:00 by Natasha Mascarenhas
When the government is the customer (some things to keep in mind) at 22:16 by Connie Loizos
Kapor Capital’s new crew is raising an opportunity fund at 15:48 by Natasha Mascarenhas
Plant-based Rebellyous is raising millions to ‘rethink the nugget’ at 15:46 by Harri Weber
Meta’s Reality Labs lost $13.7 billion on VR and AR last year at 15:43 by Taylor Hatmaker
Elon Musk, Tesla found not liable in ‘funding secured’ tweet lawsuit at 15:07 by Kirsten Korosec
Daily Crunch: Apple says it earned $20.8B from 935M subscriptions last fiscal quarter at 15:05 by Christine Hall
YouTube Music contractors strike over alleged unfair labor practices at 14:34 by Amanda Silberling
Venture funding has started flooding back in at least one area: Secondaries at 14:15 by Rebecca Szkutak
Voyager Space raises $80M as it continues development on private space station, Starlab at 14:04 by Aria Alamalhodaei
Twitter Circle glitches have users worried about privacy at 13:43 by Amanda Silberling
Elon Musk says that Twitter will start sharing ad revenue with creators ‘today’ at 12:45 by Taylor Hatmaker
Google tries to reassure investors on AI progress as ChatGPT breathes down its neck at 12:39 by Aisha Malik
Can 4 activist investors play nice in the Salesforce sandbox? at 11:00 by Ron Miller
Apple Pay gets the green light to launch its service in South Korea at 10:40 by Kate Park
TechCrunch+ roundup: SaaS pricing strategies, 2022 open source report, can Vine regrow? at 10:09 by Walter Thompson
Tesla, Ford and GM win in EV tax credit change at 10:05 by Kirsten Korosec
AWS says growth dropped to mid-teens to start new year as customer cost cutting continues at 09:51 by Ron Miller
More job cuts loom as Sendy changes course in Nigeria at 09:49 by Annie Njanja
GitHub CEO on why open source developers should be exempt from the EU’s AI Act at 09:46 by Paul Sawers
NFT market shows signs of recovery as January trading volumes hit 7-month high at 09:10 by Jacquelyn Melinek
Amazon ramped up content spending to $16.6B in 2022, including $7B on originals at 08:59 by Lauren Forristal
New York attorney general orders stalkerware maker to notify hacked victims at 08:19 by Zack Whittaker
VC Kerty Levy discusses the Northeast seed market at 08:15 by Lauren Simonds
Replika, a ‘virtual friendship’ AI chatbot, hit with data ban in Italy over child safety at 07:46 by Natasha Lomas
The UK rolls back controversial plans to open up text and data mining regulations at 07:23 by Paul Sawers
The UK reverses course on controversial plans to open up text and data mining regulations at 07:23 by Paul Sawers
The impact investor and climate correspondent walk into a bar at 07:00 by Rebecca Szkutak
‘Nothing, Forever,’ an AI ‘Seinfeld’ spoof, is the next ‘Twitch Plays Pokémon’ at 06:52 by Amanda Silberling
India orders Vodafone Idea to convert government dues into $2 billion equity at 06:12 by Manish Singh
Grocery deliverer JOKR doubles down on Brazil as it secures $50M on $1.3B valuation at 06:01 by Christine Hall
Is your startup heading to MWC? TechCrunch wants to hear from you at 06:00 by Brian Heater
Watch Cambly CEO and Benchmark partner explain startup fundraising tactics at 05:24 by Matt Burns
Binance to terminate tech offerings to estranged India partner WazirX at 05:21 by Manish Singh
Why invest in Ukrainian startups today? at 04:30 by Ram Iyer
Apple says it now has 935 million paid subscriptions at 04:15 by Ivan Mehta

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