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Akowe wants to fix Africa’s broken certificate system with blockchain at 10:15 by Rita Liao
Pixel Pals delivers a cute and clever update that takes advantage of new iOS features at 09:18 by Sarah Perez
Google’s Parisa Tabriz on how the company stays ahead of hackers at 09:05 by Carly Page
Power amplifier startup Falcomm to close $4M, taking on Qualcomm and Broadcom at 08:26 by Rita Liao
Microsoft’s mobile keyboard app SwiftKey gains new AI-powered features at 07:59 by Sarah Perez
Microsoft Bing to gain more personalized answers, support for DALLE-E 3, and watermarked AI images at 07:42 by Sarah Perez
Chris Lehane: The SEC isn’t handling crypto regulation ‘strategically’ at 07:00 by Jacquelyn Melinek
Niura’s EEG-implemented earbuds scan your brain health and recommend music to your mood at 06:20 by Kate Park
Intel (re)fined $400M by EU for ‘naked restrictions’ dating back to the noughties at 05:18 by Natasha Lomas
Amazon Prime Video will start showing ads from early next year at 04:43 by Ivan Mehta
South Africa’s FinanceGPT simplifies financial analysis, set to interface in local languages at 04:34 by Annie Njanja
Threads adds easy profile switching to its mobile apps at 01:25 by Ivan Mehta
Microsoft-Activision: UK looks poised to clear restructured deal at 00:54 by Natasha Lomas
X is shutting down its Circle feature in October at 21:15 by Ivan Mehta
Plantiga Technologies’ AI-powered footwear sensor pod aims to reduce injury risks at 19:15 by Kate Park
HME Square aims to measure glucose painlessly with photoacoustics at 18:24 by Kate Park
Microsoft refreshes Surface Laptop Go and Laptop Studio at 17:47 by Brian Heater
Communia hopes to build a digital safe space for women at 17:08 by Dominic-Madori Davis
TikTok may start serving you Google Search results at 16:38 by Taylor Hatmaker
Katie Haun believes now is a good time to invest in crypto at 16:26 by Romain Dillet
What we learned from Microsoft’s big Xbox leak at 16:00 by Taylor Hatmaker
And the winner of Startup Battlefield at Disrupt 2023 is… BioticsAI at 15:45 by Neesha A. Tambe
Inside Kinhub’s plan to democratize employee wellness at 15:30 by Dominic-Madori Davis
eStreamly blends physical, digital shopping with the video as the star at 14:53 by Christine Hall
Salesforce to acquire, a low-code platform for building AI customer service agents at 14:29 by Paul Sawers
AvantGuard wants to turn chlorine into the best antiseptic you’ve ever seen at 14:17 by Christine Hall
Meredith Whittaker reaffirms that Signal would leave U.K. if forced by privacy bill at 13:50 by Kyle Wiggers
OnePlus confirms its first foldable is officially ‘coming soon’ at 13:39 by Aisha Malik
Don’t want that commuter stipend? Bundl enables employees to choose their own company benefits at 13:05 by Christine Hall
AppCyclers wants to fight e-waste pollution across Africa at 12:42 by Harri Weber
GGV splits off China business following congressional panel probe at 12:37 by Rita Liao
The copyright issues around generative AI aren’t going away anytime soon at 12:30 by Kyle Wiggers
Kindo aims to take the security stress out of AI workflows at 12:05 by Carly Page
Here’s the crypto news you missed at Disrupt 2023 at 12:00 by Jacquelyn Melinek
Anthropic’s Dario Amodei on AI’s limits: ‘I’m not sure there are any’ at 11:45 by Devin Coldewey
GitHub launches passkey support into general availability at 11:31 by Paul Sawers
Firebot is designed to scout burning builders before sending in firefighters at 11:27 by Brian Heater
Roblox cuts 30 on talent acquisition team as hiring slows at 11:19 by Rita Liao
Qruise wants to build AI to automate quantum device development at 11:15 by Kyle Wiggers
Artifact co-founder Kevin Systrom doesn’t believe in AI doomerism at 11:01 by Sarah Perez

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